Testimonials about Ron Hequet and his
Achievement Strategies

“With a history as a successful multi-business owner himself, Ron Hequet has given you, the entrepreneur, business owner, determined to grow your business, this invaluable resource.”

Kevin Harrington – Original Shark on “Shark Tank”, inventor of the Infomercial, Pioneer of as seen on T.V. industry.

“For any entrepreneur or business owner determined to grow their business, the invaluable marketing resources from Ron Hequet is designed to show you how.”

James Malinchak – featured on ABC’s hit T.V. show “Secret Millionaire”, author; Millionaire Success Secrets

“Ron, I learned what I know from you!  That led to the formation of IDEA, L.L.C.  Boom! I’m rich and it’s all because of you!  My hero; thanks, Ron. You are the greatest!”

Henry F. Camp – CEO, Louisville, KY

“Ron’s practical, fast-moving book shows you how to continually increase your value, your income, and your career opportunities throughout your life.”

Brian Tracy – Legendary International Speaker & Best Selling Author

“Ron, I really appreciate what you’ve done to turn my business around…to lead me on a path of success and profit!  Thanks…for what you do for me, my family and my business.”

Ernie Dell – President, Waterford, MI

“No communication can adequately convey Ron Hequet’s talents.”

Henry Shallcross – President, Arlington, TX

“I am fortunate to have your personal talents for my company.”

Ross Hyde – President, Fort Worth, TX

“…appreciate the value of Ron’s Private Mentor Program.”

Craig Thoeny – CEO, Minneapolis, MN

“Ron Hequet is a trusted source…integral part of my company.”

Katherine Wilson – President, Seattle, WA

“Ron, thank you for your expertise. Your coaching on how to make good decisions equals our destiny. You are very much appreciated!”

Rebecca Barcy –CEO, Scottsdale, AZ

“Ron Hequet…is truly a force to be reckoned with…very quickly gained the respect of everyone here.”

Jim Meloche- President, Bloomfield Hills, MI

“Ron Hequet met all expectations…listened, researched, initiated and implemented.”

Dennis Sisk – President, Fort Worth, TX

“The solutions that Ron developed and implemented…are paying off.”

Gary Treater – President, West Palm Beach, FL

“Ron is a very dedicated person…Ron’s work is second to none.”

W. James Cox – President, Portland, OR 

“Ron…I’m impressed in your mission to help others…I commend you for keeping the focus where it should be…”

Nate Woodbury – Owner, Lehi, UT

“Nothing as I expected, you are amazing…thank you for all that valuable information to our audience.”

Ninon deVere DeRosa – CEO, Las Vegas, Nevada

“The workshop this past week with Ron Hequet was invaluable.  Setting sales goals is important, but to have Ron’s plan for achieving is essential.”

John Leach – TSM, Kansas City, MO

“We reached $Xm this year, thank you Ron for helping us make it possible.”

Pam Kruse, VP, Grand Rapids, MI

“I am very pleased to suggest that you engage Ron Hequet in your pursuit of excellence.  Ron’s workshops gave us the tools to see tangible improvements.”

Tim Taylor – Executive Pastor, Willow Park, Texas

“We have restructured with different and more effective cost controls, and with a pre-planned profit…I feel we will recoup 2X the investment in Ron Hequet.”

Gary VanSlooten, President, West Olive, MI

“Ron provided the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

Steve Thoeny – President, Crystal, MN

“You have been a blessing to me and my business.”

Kevin McKee – President, Aledo, TX

“It’s very simple, successful business owners think and act differently and they learn from the best, like Ron Hequet. This book will transform the way you market your business and outperform the competition.”

Cliff Williams, President, The Directed Edge Video Production Company

“Thanks Mr. Ron…we couldn’t have done this without you.”

Kristina McLain, Vice-President, Traverse City, MI

“As a result of Ron’s work and guidance…it was the most profitable year in the company’s eighteen-year history.”

Judi Engel, Vice-President, Denton, TX

“I’ve in the Actum Winner’s Circle since we first met. The transformation was amazing!”

Dale Phelps, President, Grand Rapids, MI

“Ron Hequet will motivate and inspire you to achieve your potential and reach the next level.”

James L. Capra – Author, Leadership at the Front Line

“This is a wonderful resource, loaded with words of wisdom and inspiration. It can transform your daily motivation.”

Phil R. Taylor – Founder, Goal Achievers International

“Ron Hequet offers an immense wealth of wisdom. His business insights are powerful and motivating.”

Greg Brodsky – Founder and Executive Director, Start.Co-op