There was a time when the risk associated with being an entrepreneur carried certain negative implications. Most people thought business owners were crazy.  After all, what normal person would risk everything they had to start a business that may not make it?

That is not the case anymore.  Most people now realize and appreciate the value of business ownership. However, too many of the “new breed” of entrepreneur choose to play it safe by starting a part-time company while keeping a regular gig.  Or, they put a little bit of money into a business and back out when things get hard…and they always do.

If you have invested your heart, sweat, and savings into what you believe is going to be your calling in life, you are a risk taker. By definition, entrepreneurs are risk takers. An online dictionary defines an entrepreneur as, “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.”

So now what? You stepped up and took a risk in starting your business. But is your cautious side now keeping you from assuming more risks, and therefore, gaining more rewards?

I want to encourage you by letting you know that you can take steps to control your risk and still reap good returns.

1. Invest in a Mentor

Smart entrepreneurs know that going it alone is not wise. A good mentor will collaborate with you both strategically and tactically to produce measurable results.

2. Invest in a System

I can make a much better hamburger than McDonald’s can.  However, I can’t make a million of them to sell, because I don’t own the system.  This is why I created the “Build Your Company 180, C.A.S.H. System,” for startups and businesses with less than $2 million in revenue. This ultimate action guide gives you a fast and easy system for creating immediate operating profit and cash surplus.

3. Invest in Marketing

Marketing is a key to growing your business, and not becoming a commodity to your customers. Great marketing compels you to get to know your target market and understand the best ways to attract them, communicate with them, retain them, and profit from them.

If you are not making the investments I listed and taking the necessary risks, the odds are high that you will not reap increasing returns.  Take some time to evaluate the risks you think you are taking.

If you are hesitant to take risks, you can expect improved profit and cash flow to elude you continually. Risk takers are decisive by nature and quick to take action.  If you’re ready to invest in your business and invest in yourself, give me a call 817.599.4410

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