If you already have a successful direct mail marketing plan, combining it with telemarketing creates a powerful marketing strategy for your business growth.  In this article, you’ll learn how to use both direct mail marketing and yes, telemarketing, to create a real advantage over your competition.

I know, the word “telemarketing” might sound like a four-letter word to many. However, there is a way to help customers feel like they are getting personal attention…and keep them from blocking your number!

I would suggest however that, telemarketing is most effective for higher-valued, high-margin products and services.

Creating an Effective Direct Mail Marketing Program

Here are 7 keys to creating a highly effective Direct Mail Marketing program:

  1. List all benefits customers will get from the purchase of your products or services.
  2. Pick the single most powerful benefit out of that list.
  3. Build an attention-getting headline around that benefit.  Use emotion-filled words that showcase the things your customer wants and will receive by investing in your product or service, i.e. younger looking skin, wealth, popularity, success…you get the idea.
  4. Develop a sales letter using the headline you created to grab attentionprovide information, and motivate customers to take action.
  5. Bring together additional elements, such as a brochure, an order form, reply envelope, or note that encourages and them to read your letter.
  6. Rent or purchase a targeted mailing list.  The narrower and more specific your customer profile, the better.  I suggest that if you really did an analysis of your entire customer base, you would find that 80% of your sales are from 20% of your customers.  So, get a list just like those 20% (the mailing list people can do this).  Yes, it costs a little more, but why waste money on people who are not part of your 20% customer profile?
  7. Continue to test and refine your direct mail marketing plan.

You will discover that direct mail marketing will play a major role in finding a local or even a countrywide target market to get and keep new customers.  Fine-tuning your marketing campaign will improve results and lower the overall cost to sales of the campaign.

Using Telemarketing to Seal the Deal

When following-up or selling by telephone, you have approximately thirty seconds or less to convince the customer to listen to you.  You need an opening statement that captures their attention, conveys who you are, what you want, and why they should listen.

•First, create a written plan, determining the strategic and desired results you want to achieve during the call.  It may not be to make a sale, but to initiate a relationship

  • Develop a short list of topics to discuss and the questions you’ll ask around these topics.
  • Include enough questions to keep the conversation interesting, but not to sound like an interrogation.
  • Start with general questions and then narrow your focus as the conversation continues.
  • Make comments to show them you are paying attention and appreciate their time.
  • Listen first, talk second.
  • Be relaxed and conversational.  That’s why telemarketing follow-up to your direct mail piece is so efficient and gets sales results.

Telemarketing doesn’t have to be the trauma it’s made out to be.  You can put together an honest, personal, and effective telemarketing campaign that is engaging, informative and gets the job done.

Think of how you would want to be treated on a marketing call.  Ask your friends and family what they hate most about the telemarketing calls they get. Then work to craft your plan to avoid those irritations.

To get superior marketing results, integrate your marketing efforts by combining direct mail marketing and telemarketing. You’ll positively affect your business by acquiring new customers and increasing awareness of your products and services.

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