How do you distinguish yourself from all of the other retailers, or service providers, or any other business that you consider your competition? What makes your customers decide or even remember to come back? It is not your customer’s job to remember you.  It is your responsibility to be memorable.

To become memorable, initiate personal contact. It is one of the most effective customer touch points that you can employ. As an example, here is a great tactic to add to your ability to be memorable.

Call and Ask For a Testimonial

Don’t email! I don’t know about you, but I have enough of my time sucked away by yet another email…”DELETE.”  Although the use of email is prevalent, and can be effective in many situations, I still recommend that you call. Yes call. Call your five best customers. You know, the ones you want to use as testimonials.

Even if the call goes to voicemail, say, “Tom, I never get tired of telling the story about how…I, my company, my staff, etc. (fill in whatever is appropriate) provided the product or service you wanted.  Would you mind telling me in your own words about your experience with our product or service?”

“Did we reach or exceed your expectations?  Did the product or service we provided meet or exceed the value?  With your permission, I’d like to make a phone appointment to take note of your comments, or at least send you a response card with a self-addressed stamped envelope.  I would like to use your statements as part of my customer testimonials.  Let me know when we can talk.”

Happy Customers Don’t Object to Contact

Happy customers will not object to this contact.  It will make them feel special and help you become memorable. In fact, they most likely will feel flattered when you ask to personally feature them in your testimonials.  You’ll be surprised at how convincing they are with their endorsement.  They will be complimentary and offer better recommendations or rave reviews than you can imagine.

In your sales presentations and posted testimonials, you will have the actual words that your customer has said about you, your company, staff, product, or service.  If at all possible get a photo of the customer.  You can then post a real face with the testimonial. That becomes powerful social proof that makes your business memorable to others. It shows people that you can deliver what you promise.

Take the Initiative to Connect With Your Customers

Don’t be reluctant to call.  The very fact that you take the initiative to call often will remind your customers that they need more of your product or services.  Or maybe they’ve had a conversation about your business with a friend, and now they have a referral for you.  This has occurred many times in my businesses over the years, even if I just called to reconnect.  I’ve also experienced it from the customer side, when one of my vendors called me.

There is an unwritten rule that when you contact a past or current customer, you must have a reason. Well, it better not be because something is on sale.  Calling to ask for a testimonial is a great reason to connect.  Even if your customer declines (which is extremely rare), they remain flattered that you asked and that makes you memorable.

So keep connecting with your customers. Update and keep your testimonials current. You will set up an opportunity for ongoing business. By simply picking up the phone and initiating personal contact, you will become memorable!

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